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State-of-the-art ESG reporting software

Fully automated sustainability reporting for companies in key global markets. SOC2 compliant with cutting-edge data analytics and powerful ESG performance optimisation tools for strategic planning.

neoeco ESG reporting software

End-To-End ESG Reporting

Get instant audit-ready reports across all of sustainability - including Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and beyond carbon.

Every Framework Accounted For

Key ESG frameworks such as GHGP, CSRD, IFRS S1 & S2, and more, can all be managed from neoeco.

AI Automated Transaction Matching

Sync your data with our integrations and the AI driven system will match it to a wide range of impact categories, including climate change, water use, ozone depletion, and more.

Impact Reduction Planning

Utilize predictive analytics to set impactful emissions reduction targets, forecast future performance, and gain insights for strategic planning.

Enhance CSR efforts with efficient ESG reporting

Transform ESG reporting from a regulatory requirement into a strategic advantage

Meet regulatory requirements


Meet regulatory requirements

Instant audit-ready reports for CSRD, IFRS, GHGP, and more.

Prepare and submit reports across all your ESG impacts to regulatory bodies directly from neoeco, with an accurate, verifiable audit trail, aligning with global accounting standards and iXBRL requirements.

Report across multiple frameworks:

Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP)

Corporate Sustainability Directive (CSRD)

IFRS S1 & S2

Manage them all, in one place.

Find out your regulatory requirements with our free obligations report.

neoeco platform

How neoeco works




Gavin SpencerManaging Director, Beach Accountants Ltd

Beach Accountants Ltd are proud to include the integrated app neoeco into its app stack, as it helps our clients with an aim for carbon reduction, and also the app allows us to run reports on ESG Impacts.

Being a tech focussed firm, Team Beach appreciates how neoo brings AI into sustAInability, making it an easier tool to use for businesses to obtain their carbon reports and gives a more accurate result. The reports are very visual and easy to understand and are a great benchmark for businesses to start their sustainability journey.

Enver Cavit KannurManaging Director, Accounting Direct Plus Ltd

neoeco has allowed us to effortlessly report across our ESG impacts by seamlessly integrating with our current accounting software to create audit-ready reports.

Through neoeco, we’ve been able to gather insights across all of our sustainability impacts to forecast, set targets, and make informed strategic decisions to reduce our emissions and impacts.

We’re proud to be a neoeco partner and offer their sustainability reporting services to our client-base.

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