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How To Make Carbon Accounting Effortless


By Ayna Custovic

As sustainability becomes increasingly important for businesses, governments, and stakeholders, carbon accounting has emerged as an essential process for tracking and managing emissions. However, the process of carbon accounting can often feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and resource-intensive.

Fortunately, there are strategies and steps that can be taken to streamline carbon accounting and make it an effortless and efficient process that leverages the team and tools that already exist. Read on to find out more and get in touch to book your free neoeco demo to see for yourself.

1. Automated software

Manual data gathering and the calculations required for carbon accounting are hugely time-consuming. By leveraging automated software like neoeco, these processes can be simplified and hundreds of hours can be saved.

neoeco automatically pulls data from business transactions and calculates the emissions, creates audit-ready reports, and gathers insights for forecasting and target setting.

2. Integrate with existing internal systems

Rather than treating carbon accounting as a separate process, integrate it with your company’s existing financial and operational systems. This streamlines the process of gathering information and helps ensure that relevant data regarding emissions is captured at the source.

Using a software like neoeco that integrates with your current accounting system, such as Xero and Quickbooks, means that emissions data can be taken directly from your financial transactions and used to calculate your impacts.

This saves time and improves the accuracy and robustness of your carbon accounting.

3. Leverage external expertise

For businesses without in-house sustainability specialists, partnering with external consultants or service providers can be hugely beneficial. These experts can help you navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements and reporting practices.

neoeco provides guidance on reporting obligations, automated data processing, audit-ready reports, and advice into improving sustainability impacts.

4. Use an end-to-end system

For robust carbon accounting results and continuous improvement, you need an end-to-end system that takes your business transactions and creates instant reports and measurements, as well as forecasts and insights for improving environmental impacts.

neoeco’s full-scale solution automatically gathers information and measurements from your business’s financial transactions to create instant and robust audit-ready reports that align with global regulations. The software also gives you the ability to effortlessly set targets and gather insights into how to reduce your impacts and improve your sustainability - which is essential for both stakeholders and the planet.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can use their existing team, systems, and processes to transform carbon accounting from a time-consuming requirement into a streamlined strategic advantage. Book your neoeco free demo now to see how.

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