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Cutting-edge ESG Reporting Software

State-of-the-art sustainability accounting software delivering fully automated end-to-end ESG reporting for companies in key global markets. SOC2 compliant with cutting-edge data analytics and powerful ESG performance optimisation tools for strategic planning.

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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Simplify the measurement of your carbon footprint with automated data collection across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Forecasting For
Impact Reduction

Utilize predictive analytics to set impactful emissions reduction targets and forecast future performance, and gain insights for strategic planning.

Instant Transactions

Sync your accounting data and our AI automation will match it to a wide range of impact categories, from climate change to water use, land use, ozone depletion, and more. Our platform brings together a variety of databases to simplify your ESG reporting, so that every aspect of your businesses environmental impact is accounted for.

Every Framework Accounted For

With neoeco, key ESG frameworks like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), Corporate Sustainability Directive (CSRD), IFRS S1 & S2, and more, can all be managed in one place. Reducing the complexity of ESG reporting and preparing accountants for submitting reports to the relevant authorities, directly from our tool.

Effortless End-to-End ESG Reporting

Transform ESG reporting from a regulatory requirement into a strategic advantage with neoeco's effortless ESG reporting software.

AI Reconciliation


AI Reconciliation

Harness the power of AI to reconcile ESG related data with unmatched precision and increased efficiency.

Our algorithms excel in transaction matching, seamlessly aligning every financial activity with the appropriate ESG datapoint.

A targeted approach that minimize manual input while maximizing reporting accuracy.

By ensuring that every aspect of your sustainability efforts are accurately represented in your reports, we offer a clear and comprehensive view of your ESG impact, vital for informed decision-making and stakeholder communication.

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Built by Experts, Designed for Success

neoeco combines industry-leading expertise with user-centric design to offer a platform that’s as knowledgeable as it is easy to use. Benefit from dedicated onboarding assistance and ongoing support to ensure your ESG reporting is both efficient and effective.

ESG Reporting Support from Data to Disclosure

Optimise your workflow to include all the essential steps for environmental measurements.

Integrate diverse data sources including ERP systems, direct emissions, and HR data for comprehensive financial consolidation and accuracy.


Sustainability Reporting for Every Industry

Whether you're in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, or any other sector, our platform is designed to meet your unique ESG reporting needs. Our sector-agnostic approach ensures that every business can benefit from our ESG accounting solutions.

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