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Plug in your favourite accounting software to measure, report and improve your ESG and carbon performance in minutes regardless of your business size.
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How we help

Integrates with your favourite accounting software

AI powered automations match transactions to our database

Over 20,000 data points for 6,000+ products services

Calculates Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Calculates 16 impact categories

Generates GHG Protocol, ISO, CDP compliant reports at the click of a button

Benchmark companies in your portfolio against the industry


10x faster compared to manual reporting

90% cost saving compared to in-house reporting

100% transparency and audit trail for transactions

Protocols & Standards

Automate ESG reporting for the leading global frameworks and regulations.

Our software automatically selects the relevant metrics for each framework, applies the correct methodology and automatically generates the reports you need.

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How it works

Sync transactions from your accounting software

What our customers are saying

Alastair Barlow

CEO & Co-Founder, Flinder

I love the direction of neo.eco and how it can revolutionise the way our clients can spend in a more sustainably conscious way. ESG is much higher up the agenda with our clients, so bringing this in is a real differentiator for us and value-add in the boardroom.

Stephen Pell

Co-Founder, ICONAC

Our clients are turning to us as their trusted advisor to help them reduce their impact on the planet. But it’s not just our clients, when it comes to recruiting new team members, they too are demanding to work for an employer that is addressing these challenges head on.

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